Document-based App demo

This demo illustrates how to create a document-based application with ProjectManager. I hope you'll find it any useful. Oh and, of course, feel free to send any questions and/or suggestions to diablos -at- manga -dot- sk or contact me on Jabber:

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Errata: I know how "rich" is spelled, but I was in a hurry when recording the video and didn't care about the weird feeling I had about the word I wrote, and now I'm just too lazy to re-record it. So please consider this a public apology for the stupid mistake. ^_^;

Errata 2: The app-layout diagram chart's left-most square should say 'AppController' instead of 'AppDelegate'.

You may download the example TextEditor application's source codes. I release it under the GNU GPL v2 or any later.

You can also download the diagram charts with the app-layout: